Who Are We


If you want to know everything about the Indian Left then you are at the right place. From struggles, movements, agitations to the snippets of history  and the views, opinions and debates within the left- this is the place where you will find it all.


As the name of our portal suggests we stand for a Socialist India. We stand for all the forces which are committed towards building a Socialist India. Nearly three decades after the disintegration of Soviet Union and loud proclamations of the ‘end of history’ and end of ‘socialist experiments’, ‘Socialism’ continues to be alive in the dreams, hopes and struggles of millions of people across the globe whose lives continues to be destroyed by the epochal failure that capitalism is. What had fallen three decades ago was a gigantic experiment towards socialism and not the very idea of socialism. Socialism will continue to be alive until exploitation, oppression and inequality remains in our world.

The thousands of brave Indians who gave their lives in the freedom struggle fought not only for freedom from colonialism, but for transforming this hard-won freedom into a new social order, that is free from exploitation of man by man – socialism. This dream continues to be alive in the struggles even today- in the form of numerous struggles erupting every single day. This portal aims to bring together all these stories and snippets of struggle at a one place. We aim to be the repository of every single voice against exploitation and oppression.

We are a small team comprising of individuals with differing political positions and partisanships- however, we are united by our shared vision towards building up of a Socialist India. We will not only give space to struggles and movements waged by various Parties of the red flag and the Ambedkarites committed towards the caste annihilation; we will also make serious efforts to build dialogue among such forces so that a clarity emerges on the path of Indian socialism in the 21st Century.

At this juncture, the ‘Socialist India’ blog will be in English medium- since we are a very small team of people. In fact, the English medium as a link language will help create a data base of struggles which the various linguistic nationalities can access. This blog will serve as an interface for people across the globe to see as we march forward on the tumultuous path of Indian Socialism. We will use the posts in social media and the reports in vernaculars to create this repository.

In the end, we would like to remember the words of the brave Rosa Luxemburg who had written way back in 1916: “Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism.” If this was true in 1916, it is hundred times truer a century later when we can witness the march of barbarism around us. Socialism continues to remain the only course available to humanity to save itself from being engulfed by the slide to barbarism.  To those who argue that there is no alternative to globalization (the famous TINA factor), our answer is that the alternative to TINA is SITA (socialism is the alternative).