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Capitalism Can Neither Give Jobs for All, Nor Decent Life : Shilpa Surendra Pratap Singh

Comrade Stalin while making mockery of the idea of freedom in Bourgeois democracy once said “No freedom can be enjoyed when there is unemployment and poverty”, it’s amusing that years after the same logic is reproduced in philosophical debates of Bourgeois Democracies as “Development as Freedom”— to provide a “Humane Face” to the process of Capitalist development—-the idea that gives

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Why set up industries, when we have cows? : Tripura CM Biplab Deb

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb, who in the recent past has been creating ripples with his ‘brilliant’ statements, has shot a fresh salvo when on sunday speaking in a meeting of one of the farmers’ associations he said that cows are enough to solve the unemployment situation in the state, and there is no need for industrial development. Deb announced

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Attacks on Migrants in Gujarat: This is the Gujarat Model, My Friend!

The attacks against the migrant workers primarily from UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh across Gujarat has led to an exodus of up to 50,000 workers (as per some estimates) over the last few days. The rape of a 14 year old girl inside a factory in Sabarkantha by a worker from Bihar has been used as an immediate excuse to

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