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Huge Response to Jharkhand Bandh against Amendments in the Land Acquisition Act by the BJP government

Jharkhand Bandh called by the opposition parties today, against the amendments in the Land Acquisition Act (2013) brought by the BJP government of the state and against its designs to disrupt the peace in the state has invoked huge response. Schools, colleges and markets remained closed; while long distance buses and trains have been affected in many districts. Hundreds of

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Hul Diwas to Pathalgadi movement: The blaze of Adivasi Rebellion Continues

The tradition of celebrating Hul Diwas on 30 June began in 1855. It was on this date 161 years ago that the Hul revolution led by Sido, Kanho and Chand Bhairvav began in Bhognadih village of Dumka. Bhognadih has now become a place of pilgrimage and hundreds of people come here every year to pay respect to the legendary Santhal

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