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Chit-fund run Khabar 365 Din’s shameful attempts to malign Jadavpur student movement.

Khabar 365 Din, a Bangla Daily run with money siphoned off by Rose Valley company through chit funds, has done a shameful front page story today with a clear intention to malign the ongoing student movement and more so over, the women students of Jadavpur University. The story titled ‘Fashion circus’ is accompanied with pictures of women protesters- all of

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For the First time in 40 years, Jadavpur University Scraps Entrance Test: Students, Teachers Up In Arms!

The Executive Council (EC) of Jadavpur University in its emergency meeting today has decided to scrap the entrance test for six of its undergraduate courses. This move has come at a time when the continuing tussle on the issue over the last one month has already delayed the admission process and apprehensions remain on whether the new academic session will

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