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Vanitha Mathil – The Wall for Gender Equality : Rebecca Rose Varghese

On January 1, 2019, almost 5 million women gathered on Kerala’s National Highway 47 to form a 620-km long wall, extending from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital. The Vanitha Mathil, or the Women’s Wall, was formed as a symbolic gesture to express support for gender equality, and was an initiative undertaken under the leadership of the Left government of Kerala.

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2018 Assembly Elections and the lessons for the Left: A perspective | Shubham Sharma

The election result in five states has cast a shadow over the potentialities of the Hindutva brigade, sobriquet the Right wing. Although recent mobilizations around the building of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya saw a competition of sorts among the legitimate heirs of a disgraceful event, BJP comfortably trumps other contestants in this race and fits the political bill of the, Right. But what of the Left? Not as a linguistic antonym but the Right’s dialectical ‘other’ in politics. Where is it? Or what is left of the Left?

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Capitalism Can Neither Give Jobs for All, Nor Decent Life : Shilpa Surendra Pratap Singh

Comrade Stalin while making mockery of the idea of freedom in Bourgeois democracy once said “No freedom can be enjoyed when there is unemployment and poverty”, it’s amusing that years after the same logic is reproduced in philosophical debates of Bourgeois Democracies as “Development as Freedom”— to provide a “Humane Face” to the process of Capitalist development—-the idea that gives

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सबरीमाला मामले पर केरल में आरएसएस- भाजपा की दंगाई रणनीति हुई बेनक़ाब

मलयालम टीवी चैनलों द्वारा जारी किये गए एक वीडियो क्लिप से केरल में संघ और भाजपा की दंगाई रणनीति पूरी तरह से बेनक़ाब हो गयी है। कोझिकोड में भारतीय जनता युवा मोर्चा के एक कार्यक्रम में भाजपा का राज्य अध्यक्ष श्रीधरन पिल्लई शेखी बघारते हुए यह बोल रहा है की सबरीमाला पर हर किसी ने भाजपा की रणनीति के सामने

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16th All India Conference of SFI Elects Mayukh Biswas as General Secretary, V.P. Sanu as President

  The 16th All India Conference of the Students’ Federation of India held in Shimla has elected a 93- member Central Executive Committee ( with 9 vacancies) , which in turn has elected Mayukh Biswas as the new General Secretary and V.P. Sanu as the President of the organization. The CEC also elected a 19 member central secretariat, with 2

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