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On the links between Kerala floods and the Plantation sector | Tom Pious

The recent flood in the state of Kerala known for its beaches and high range mountains throws light on many questions starting from flood management, significance of dams, ecological sensitivity and many more. I would like to pinpoint the importance of plantation crops and the environmental and socio political significance in the wake of recent flood. The entire plantation sector

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Huge Response to Jharkhand Bandh against Amendments in the Land Acquisition Act by the BJP government

Jharkhand Bandh called by the opposition parties today, against the amendments in the Land Acquisition Act (2013) brought by the BJP government of the state and against its designs to disrupt the peace in the state has invoked huge response. Schools, colleges and markets remained closed; while long distance buses and trains have been affected in many districts. Hundreds of

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Cops open fire on protest against Vedanta’s Sterlite Plant in Tuticorin: 5 killed, more than dozen injured

The protest demanding closure of Vedanta’s Sterlite Copper unit in Tuticorin (Tamilnadu) took a violent turn today with cops opening fire on the protesters, killing 5 and injuring more than a dozen. The entire area had been cordoned off earlier and section 144 imposed as per the directive of the Madras High Court. The deceased who have been identified till

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