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Communists Campaign in Delhi: First Lok Sabha Elections of 1952

In this post in the section ‘ Indian Communist Photos’, we publish a photograph from the election campaign of the Communists in the Karol Bagh area of Delhi during the first Lok Sabha Elections of 1952. It has to be underlined that Communists who had already emerged as the main ideological alternative to the bourgeois leadership of the National movement

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Shameless BJP grabs land to erase the valiant struggle of the Tribal Women of Tripura

BJP which used massive influx of money to get to power in the state of Tripura has stooped to a new low by grabbing land and laying the foundation stone of a Ram Mandir on a land that housed the memorial for a tribal martyr. Tribal people in Tripura traditionally practice ‘jhum’ or shifting cultivation for their food and sustenance.

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