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Capitalism Can Neither Give Jobs for All, Nor Decent Life : Shilpa Surendra Pratap Singh

Comrade Stalin while making mockery of the idea of freedom in Bourgeois democracy once said “No freedom can be enjoyed when there is unemployment and poverty”, it’s amusing that years after the same logic is reproduced in philosophical debates of Bourgeois Democracies as “Development as Freedom”— to provide a “Humane Face” to the process of Capitalist development—-the idea that gives

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In Defence of History: Shilpa Surendra Pratap Singh

  Socialist India is publishing this short, but extremely articulate article by Shilpa Surendra Pratap Singh in which she seamlessly moves from the insights thrown by the transition debate to arrive at the present conjuncture. We at the Socialist India believe that exercises such as these are central to the theoretical task of understanding our present and changing it. We

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Dilemma of Guns or Butter? : Rafale deal and the Capitalism-Militarism Axis : Shilpa Surendra Pratap Singh

“Guns will make us powerful, Butter only fat”. These words of Hermann Göring one of most powerful military official of Nazi Germany in defence of heavy military spending at the expense of increasing purchasing power of masses, has found resonance in posture and propaganda of Indian State with fascist tendencies. The totalizing and ‘enforced’ obeisance to sacrifice of armed forces,

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