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RSS Scoundrels attack SFI Kerala President’s House

A group of 15 RSS goons attacked SFI Kerala State President V.A. Vineesh’s home in Attingal (Trivandrum district) yesterday  night . Vineesh’s father, mother and brother were in the house when this attack happened. The eyewitnesses tell that the goons barged into the home and immediately left after ransacking the belongings of the house. Police is investigating into the matter

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Himachal Student movement forces BJP government to roll back anti-student semester system

The consistent mass-based and militant student movement of Himachal Pradesh has forced the BJP government to roll back the semester system in the colleges of the state. It needs to be stated here that the consistent efforts by Students’ Federation of India (SFI) unit of the state in building a powerful and unified movement on the issue forced even organizations

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