Karnataka State Devadasi Women Liberation Organisation organises 3rd State Conference

Rally and Public meeting on the occasion of third State Conference of Karnataka Rajya Devadasi Mahileyara Vimochana Sangha at Hosapete, Ballari. CPIM Karnataka State Secretary Comrade U Basavaraj addressed the meeting.

Even though the Act abolishing devadasi system in Karnataka came into effect from 1982, the system is still prevailing and the land owning classes are encouraging the same in one or the other way for their vested interests. They are spreading propaganda in such a way that ‘if girls does not become devadasi, the God will be angry’. In such an inhuman situation, the Karnataka Rajya Devadasi Mahileyara Vimochana Sangha (Karnataka State Devadasi Women Liberation Organisation) was formed under the guidance of CPI(M) to organise devadasi women against this retrograde system.

There are around 1lakh women in Karnataka alone who have been bonded in servitude to the inhuman practice of young women being forced into the Devadasi system. They face the worst form of exploitation in the name of being the “offerings” to some unseen divine being as “Slaves of the Gods” and are used to satiate the sexual desires of the rich and mighty invoking divine sanction. It is the worst form of caste oppression where in women mostly from the Dalit community are forced to be sex slaves and exploited.

After the formation of Devadasi Mahileyara Vimochana Sangha, the movement successfully liberated many women from this oppressive system. A 12 point charter of demands was placed before the government by the organisation. Various agitations were launched including massive dharna of thousands of devadasi women on June 12, 2007 at Bangalore. This forced the Govt. to provide some pension and social security measures for these women.

The Karnataka Devadasi Mahileyara Vimochana Sangha and CPIM is continuing its struggle to end the Devadasi system and for ensuring the social security for those already victimised by this inhuman practice.

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