Another Nail in Modi Government’s Coffin: 5 Student Organizations representing 10 million students set to storm Parliament on 18th February

The last 6 months have seen massive action programmes of the peasantry and the working class in particular against the disastrous policies of the Modi government, which has proved to be the worst government in the last 7 decades of independent India. Student movement has now decided to up the ante and channelize the various institution bases, university based and state based movements of the last four and half years into a powerful assault against this demonic regime of neoliberalism-Hindutva combine.


5 National Students’ Organizations – Students’ Federation of India (SFI), All India Students’ Federation (AISF), All India Students’ Block (AISB), All India Democratic Students’ Organization (AIDSO) and Progressive Students’ Union (PSU)- representing almost 10 million students of the country are all set to storm the Parliament on 18th February.

A press conference was organized today in Delhi, in which the leaders of the 5 organizations addressed the media and explained the agenda and demands of this parliament march. Mayukh Biswas (SFI General Secretary), Dipsita Dhar (SFI All India Joint Secretary), Vicky Mahesari (AISF General Secretary), Prashant Kumar (AIDSO) and others were present in the press conference.


In the last four and half years there have been a series of attacks, from multiple level and character, which have resulted, on the one hand, weakening of Indian education system and on the other hand have sabotaged the very idea of education and its social responsibility. Modi government has taken forward the neoliberal agenda of UPA with more vigour and aggression, results of which are visible in every single sphere of education. This has gone hand in hand with the pushing of the agenda of Hindutva thereby eroding all institutions and systems. The case of JNU and HCU are perfect examples of the disaster that this government has proved to be.
‘Save Education, Save Democracy, Save Nation’ would be the central slogan of the campaign prior to the march. The ‘Delhi Chalo’ will be preceded by intensive campaigns at state, district and institution level to popularize the demands and slogans.

The central demands of the march are:

  • Establish a nation-wide fully state-funded and free Common Education System from KG to PG.
  • Increase government spending to at least 6% of the GDP and 10% of the central budget on education.
  • Enact Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Act (BNEGA) to ensure guaranteed employment to all.
  • Stop communalization of education.
  • Implement existing reservations properly and ensure social justice in government as well as private institutions.
  • Release the money for all pending scholarships immediately and establish more fellowships for research scholars from deprived backgrounds.
  • Protect federal character of education and resist centralization of education.


The slogans and demands of this march not only target the Modi government, but the core of ruling class’ agenda. And, it is precisely in this aspect that the 18th February march and the campaign prior to that assumes such significance.

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