RSS Backed Teachers’ Panel Decimated; Left Panel Wins Big in JNUTA Elections

The elections for the Jawaharlal Nehru University Teacher’s Association (JNUTA) which were held yesterday ( 1st November, 2018) has led to a decimation of the ‘sarkari panel’ backed by RSS and its handpicked by VC M. Jagadeesh Kumar. Left Panel went into the elections with the determination to fight a ‘national waste’ and ensure that the university is run as per the JNU Act, and not by the whims and fancies of the administration. The elections saw nearly 91% polling and on every single post the RSS panel was decimated.

The results of the JNUTA Elections are as follows:

JNUTA 2018-19 Elections Final Tally (after including postal ballots)

Total Votes Polled: 518

Atul- 359
Milap- 152

Vice-President (2 posts)
Ajith- 349
Chirashree- 340
Gautam- 149
Poonam- 139

Avinash- 369
Pravesh- 142

Joint Secretary (2 posts)
Ameeth- 331
Parnal – 329
Anirban- 175
Ajmal- 144

Rakesh- 346
Arnab- 165

School Representative  School of Social Sciences (SSS)
Prachin- 113
Chittibabu- 120
Manoj- 35
Invalid- 0

School Representative  School of International Studies (SIS)
Mandira- 58
SN Malakar- 58
Soumyajit- 23

School Representative  School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (SL)
Ajmer- 84
Hemant- 93
Sushant- 34


The teachers’ of JNU have reposed their faith in the politics which over the last 4 years has consistently fought against the undoing of the university- in terms of teaching-learning, its inclusive orientation and overall institutional functioning. The JNUTA results will only embolden the struggle against forces that seek to dismantle JNU. This resistance requires rock solid unity among various constituents of the university on one hand; and also the need of the university to stand in solidarity with the forces of resistance outside its boundaries. We hope that the JNUTA results shall facilitate both of these.

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