RSS Scoundrels attack SFI Kerala President’s House


A group of 15 RSS goons attacked SFI Kerala State President V.A. Vineesh’s home in Attingal (Trivandrum district) yesterday  night . Vineesh’s father, mother and brother were in the house when this attack happened. The eyewitnesses tell that the goons barged into the home and immediately left after ransacking the belongings of the house. Police is investigating into the matter to identify the culprits behind the attack and also those who have masterminded the whole plot.


This attack comes in the wake of the recently concluded elections for the school parliaments in the state, in which SFI has got overwhelming mandate from the young students. The frustrated sangh brigade had resorted to skirmishes with SFI activists in the aftermath of the results. The attack comes in this backdrop of events.


The flag march for the upcoming All India Conference of SFI started from the village of Abhimanyu who was martyred by the Islamic fundamentalists few months ago. Father of Abhimanyu handed over the SFI flag to the leadership . This flag is travelling through various districts of Kerala and will reach Shimla with the message of uncompromising struggles against the forces of religious fundamentalism of every colour and of every shade. The flag will reach with the strength of those lines which Abhimanyu was writing on the walls of his college, when he was hacked to death. And, those lines are: “Death to Communalism”!

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