Killings Have Become A Everyday Norm in Kashmir: Tarigami

While expressing pain and sorrow over the killing of innocent civilians in an explosion at encounter site in Laroo village of Kulgam, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam, Mohamad Yousuf Tarigami said the killings have become everyday norm in Kashmir now.


In a statement , Tarigami said that on Friday a pregnant lady was killed in Pulwama district and today a number of civilians lost their lives in Kulgam and several others are injured. “It is really so painful to see such killings happening everyday in Kashmir.”
“But unfortunately, New Delhi is watching all this like a mute spectator and seems in no mood to address the issues politically. There is a deep sense of alienation among Kashmiris, especially youth. It is this deepening alienation and anger which is driving young and old towards the deadly encounter sites”, he said.
Tarigami said that the youngsters have been pushed to the wall due to the gross mishandling of Kashmir by BJP regime in Delhi. Unfortunately political leadership seems to be reluctant to draw any lesson from the past blunders.
“Given the rising toll of casualties and no visible efforts by New Delhi to hold meaningful dialogue, there is apprehension that the situation may get more complex. Besides, persistent arrogance and repression is bound to aggravate the situation further”, Tarigami added.
While expressing solidarity with the bereaved families, he demanded an immediate end to the civilian killings in the Valley and magisterial enquiry into today’s unfortunate and painful incident.

It needs to be underlined here that thecurrent situation in the valley is directly linked with the  decision of the BJP to withdraw from the coalition government with the PDP in Jammu & Kashmir, which was made at a specific moment so as to escalate the political instability in the state.  This signifies the total political failure of the BJP’s approach in Jammu & Kashmir.

This alliance was untenable since the beginning. It was an alliance between forces that never saw eye to eye on any issue but came together in an act of sheer opportunism to share the spoils of office.

The BJP was party to all decisions of the state government during the past three years and hence cannot absolve any responsibility for contributing to a further deterioration in the state and towards deepening the alienation of the people.

The BJP being a coalition partner of the state government and holding office in the central government had promised the people of Kashmir: a) immediate introduction of confidence building measures; and b) immediate starting of a political process by initiating a comprehensive dialogue with all stakeholders in the valley. Neither of these two promises which were publicly announced by the Union Home Minister after the all party delegation visited the valley in September 2016 have been fulfilled. If they were sincerely followed up the situation could have improved.


The BJP central government unilaterally announced, first, the ceasefire and later, its withdrawal. It is during this period that the gunning down of the Editor of Rising Kashmir, Shujaat Bhukhari and a soldier Aurangazeb took place.


Under these circumstances, plunging the state into greater uncertainty and the impending imposition of Governor’s rule may not help in addressing the issue of the deepening alienation of the people.The central government should implement the assurances it had made earlier to urgently enforce confidence building measures and start a political process through dialogue with all stakeholders. The Central Government must initiate talks with Pakistan to ensure cross border terrorism is stopped by a mutually agreed ceasefire along the Line of Control. The situation in Jammu & Kashmir cannot be allowed to deteriorate further.

With Governor’s rule now imposed, there is a widespread apprehension that the RSS-BJP will embark on a more hardline position under the pretext of combating terrorism.  There are apprehensions of growing dangers of human rights abuses and violations of democratic rights of the people.  The effort appears to be to sharpen communal polarisation not only in Jammu & Kashmir but to aid the process of consolidating the Hindutva communal vote bank elsewhere in the country in the run-up to the general elections. What we witnessed in Kulgam few days back is nothing but RSS-BJP’s sinister designs in action.

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