Comrade Shamrao Parulekar addressing tribals in Zari, Palghar

Socialist India is starting this new section called ‘ Indian Communist Photos’, in which we will be publishing photographs from the history of the Indian Communist Movement. This is the first in the series. 

Indian Communist Party Leader S. V. Perulekar speaking to a crowd of aborigines villagers of the Untouchables caste, while standing under a banyon tree - Zari India 1946


Shamrao Parulekar, along with Godavari Parulekar led the Warli Adivasi Revolt which swept parts of Maharashtra from 1945 to 1947. Not only did the revolt end forced labour and establish fixed wages, but it became an integral part of the pre-independence movement against landlordism. In this photo of 1946, he is seen addressing a public meeting of tribals is Zari of Palghar district of Maharashtra.

Photographer: Margaret Bourke-White
Source: Life Archive hosted by Google

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