CPI (M) to Contest on 3 seats in Chhatisgarh Assembly Elections; Main Target is to Defeat BJP


The Chhatisgarh state secretariat of CPI (M) in a statement has said that the main aim of the Party in the upcoming assembly elections is to ensure the defeat of the communal, fascist, anti-people BJP. Hence, the Party has decided to contest in a limited number of seats where it has struggles and political influence. In the remaining seats, it will support those candidates who are in the best situation to defeat BJP and its allies. CPI (M) will work to restrict the fragmentation of the anti-BJP votes and ensure pooling of anti-BJP votes in favour of the candidate who is most well poised to defeat BJP.

State secretary Sanjay Parate has made it clear that CPI (M) will not support the Jogi-BSP alliance in the name of anti-BJPism; since Party’s understanding is that this alliance is helping the BJP only by fragmenting the anti-BJP votes. It neither has the policies, nor the programme, which can provide solution to the people’s problems. It was during the tenure of Jogi as CM that the contractual school teachers were brutally lathi-charged and the state transport corporation was dismantled, whose impact continues to be felt until today. The common people of the state have not forgotten this anti-people record of Jogi.
The 3 candidates of CPI (M) are as follows:


Surendra Lal Singh (Bhatgaon)

40 year old Surendra Lal Singh is a Gond Adivasi and holds a PG degree. He is the candidate of Party from the Bhatgaon seat of Surajpur district. He works in the Adivasi Ekta Mahasabha and is also a state committee member of the Party. He is currently also the sarpanch of the Kalyanpur gram panchayat. He is considered as an honest and militant political activist in his area. He has been instrumental in ensuring that the benefits of various schemes meant for the people reaches the people through the effective use of the panchayat fund. This has given him a distinct image in the area.


Meena Singh (Lundra)

26 years old Meena Singh could get education only till the primary level. This however could never become a handicap in her becoming the leader of the people’s struggles in her area. She is the candidate of the Party from the Lundra assembly seat of the Surguja district. She is the state committee member of the Janwadi Mahila Samiti and has participated actively in numerous movements and struggles over the last four years.


Sapuran Kuldeep (Katghora)

Sapuran Kuldeep belongs to the Panika Adivasi community and is the candidate from the Katghora assembly seat of the Korba district. Sapuran holds a PG degree and was active in the students’ movement. He was the SFI state vice-President of the undivided Madhya Pradesh, state convener of Chhatisgarh and also the CEC member. He is currently the Korba district secretary of the Party and also member of its state committee. He has been instrumental in building the political influence of the Party in the Korba district through consistent struggles on issues such as roads, water, electricity, train facilities and problems of those who have been evicted from their land. He has been very active in the movement to recognize Panika community as a Scheduled Tribe, for quite a long time. He is also involved with various social activities in the area, apart from his political work. He had to face police brutalities and numerous prison terms due to his social-political work and uncompromising struggles.

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