Mohan Bhagwat’s Vijayadashmi Speech: Hypocrisy on National Defence Comes out in Open : Sunand

Vijayadashmi is an important occasion in the organizational life of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). This fascist organization organizes ‘Shashtra Poojan’ on the day across the country as a reminder of its commitment to realize its strategic goal of building a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. The ceremony in the RSS headquarters at Nagpur and more so the speech of its sarsanghchalak assumes special importance since it portrays the perspective of the organization on the emerging situation of the country and the world.


While Mohan Bhagwat’s speech in this year’s Vijayadashmi ceremony touched on numerous themes ranging from foreign policy to internal security, the bogey of urban naxals and the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2019; the hypocrisy of RSS was seen in its full glory when the sarsanghchalak talked about ‘National Defence’. [ THe full speech of Mohan Bhagwat can be read here : ]

Socialist India would be analyzing the other aspects of his speech in another set of stories, here We are specifically taking up the question of ‘National Defence’. It is something which is integral to RSS’ own vision of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ as well- the history of ‘denials of the great Hindu nationhood was due to the weakness of National Defence against the outside enemies’ and hence the RSS has always (atleast in theory) seen it as having paramount importance.

So, what does Mohan Bhagwat have to say on the question?

” Border Security and internal security of the country are the issues of foremost consideration as they ensure space and opportunity to the nation for making efforts towards prosperity and development. Fruitful efforts have been undertaken to entwine the web of international relations by appraising the nations with our security concerns and getting their backing and cooperation. The military, government and administration has displayed its clear intent to maintain peaceful and cordial relations with all the countries including the neighbouring ones in words and deeds, at the same time standing and acting firm and making prudent use of our capabilities while initiating bold actions wherever necessary in the context of national security. In this regard efforts are being initiated and accelerated to enhance the morale of our armed and security forces, making them well-equipped and to provide them with latest technologies. This is one of the reasons that the prestige of Bharat is rising in the world. “

“In view of the dynamic international developments, safeguarding of our maritime borders has also assumed greater significance. There are hundreds of islands at various distances in the coastal area of Bharat adjacent to the mainland. All these islands including Andaman Nicobar are situated at strategically important locations. From the security point of view, their maintenance and strengthening of the facilities there has to be attended and implemented as a matter of urgency. Expeditious attention needs to be given to have coordination, cooperation and resources among Navy and other forces guarding the maritime borders and islands. Our brethren habituating along the land and sea borders are firmly holding the ground with determination despite facing several challenges peculiar to the border areas. If their well being is taken care of, these locals in the bordering areas can also be of great assistance in tackling problems like infiltration, smuggling etc. Both the government and society need to take more efforts so that relief, education, healthcare facilities and employment opportunities reach them in time and they are imbued with patriotism, valour and virtues.

The country cannot be assured about its security without the total self reliance in the field of defense production even while continuing with the multilateral exchanges wherever necessary. The pace of national efforts in this direction has to be accelerated. “

Mohan Bhagwat’s tall claims of sovereignty in national defence falls flat in the face of the actual role of the current BJP regime. It needs to be mentioned here that Hindutva has never been anti-imperialist and their being the lackey of imperialism was the reason that they had no role to play in the freedom struggle. Modi has pushed the country into an strategic alliance with the US imperialism which is more of a subservience and less of an alliance. It has cemented the ties of subjugation which was started by the Manmohan Singh regime.

Today Trump considers India its junior military ally.  The so called nationalist BJP government has no hesitation in signing a logistics treaty which allows US naval ships and air force planes to use Indian ports and air bases for re-fuelling, servicing and maintenance.

The concerted moves to privatise the nationalised banking sector, the railways and other key public sector enterprises are aimed at eroding the economic sovereignty of the country.

In the defence sector the situation is even more horrific.  The Modi government has approved 100 per cent FDI and 100 per cent private participation in defence production. It has sanctioned the setting up of joint ventures between Indian corporates and foreign arms manufacturers.  Recently, the US giant arms company Lockheed Martin signed an agreement with Tata Sons for production of fighter planes; the Kalyani group has set up a factory with the Israeli arms company, Rafael, to produce short range missiles and the list is growing.

The dismantling of India’s public sector defence enterprises and the ordinance factories and takeover of those vital sectors by foreign and Indian corporates will snatch away a vital part of sovereignty.

The mega corruption scam that the entire Rafael deal has turned out to be lays bare the sinister designs to dismantle the national defence units like the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

The arbitrary action by the Prime Minister has also done great damage to national security.  The Air Force was desperately short of squadrons of fighter jets had placed a request for 126 fighters, which has been drastically reduced to 36 in the fresh agreement signed by Modi. Also, the work-share agreement with the public sector Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd has been scrapped and Anil Ambani’s Reliance Ambani Defence, which has no track record of defence production, has been made the partner. This apart, the price of the fighter plane  is double of what it was in the original contract.


No amount of empty phrase mongering can hide the fact that RSS-BJP, agents of imperialism that they are represent the biggest threats to National Security and Sovereignty today. They are the axis on which the national reaction and imperialism operate in collusion; and no sovereignty can be realized without dismantling this axis.

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