Chit-fund run Khabar 365 Din’s shameful attempts to malign Jadavpur student movement.

Khabar 365 Din, a Bangla Daily run with money siphoned off by Rose Valley company through chit funds, has done a shameful front page story today with a clear intention to malign the ongoing student movement and more so over, the women students of Jadavpur University.

The story titled ‘Fashion circus’ is accompanied with pictures of women protesters- all of which have been clicked with the perverted and misogynist mindset. Ironically newspaper claims that students are dressed in ‘such a manner’ (as if it’s a crime to dress in ‘such a manner’) only to attract media attention, while it is Khabar 365 Din which routinely uses scintillating pictures to boost its newspaper sale. The absolute thrash text accompanying the story reflects the editorial values of this newspaper and it’s commitment to the ruling TMC.

The story claims that the ‘Marxists and Maoists’ are protesting because they are unhappy with ‘merit being the benchmark for admission’. Now, this is a point which needs solid rebuttal. The ongoing united students’- teachers’ movement- with the student unions of the three faculties of Jadavpur University- comprises of various ideological shades. However, all the shades are united in the attempt of the administration to destroy the academy standards of the university by sabotaging the admission process. So, far from what the Khabar 365 Dins of the world might preach the JU movement is actually arguing that the time tested admission process over the last four decades has ensured that best of students with aptitude in their chosen subject could join the university.

This process has been able to see ‘merit’ in its totality and not in mere percentage of marks in the class 12 examinations. It was solely possible only because of a scientific and rational method of question paper in the entrance examination- unlike the rote, memory based examination. Such a system ensured that students from the Mofussil towns and from rural Bengal too could join the university. However, it’s a fact which the Khabar 365 Dins of the world- wedded to the ruling class outlook that they are- would be the last ones to understand.

In the last 7 years many newspapers and channels have mushroomed in Bengal with the help of the crores of money looted by the chit fund companies. Since, the chit fund scam was made possible by the TMC and the state machinery most of these act as spokespersons of the Mamata Banerjee’s regime in the state. Khabar 365 Din too belongs to this group of media houses.
A short story of Khabar 365 Din and it’s owner the Rose Valley group will be worthwhile here. The Rose Valley Group operated collective investment schemes offering plots of land or accommodation in the hotels run by sister companies to gullible investors or refund of the invested money with hefty interests if the investors did not avail the offers. Gautam Kundu is the main man behind the Rose Valley group.

After illegally amassing the wealth from collective schemes, Kundu diversified into other businesses including film production, a newspaper, a television channel and a jewellery chain among others. Rose Valley was also a lead sponsor for the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders.

In 2009, Kundu established Rose Valley Media and Entertainment Wing, a public limited company, to launch television channels, radio stations and cable networks. Soon after, it started operating a 24-hour entertainment channel, Ruposhi Bangla, television news channels like News Time, News Time Assam, Odisha Time and Khabar 365 Din. It also started operating music channel Dhoom Music and movie channel Dhoom Cinema.

Ever since its launch, Khabar 365 Din branded itself as the newspaper for the youth- between 20 to 35 age group. However, this branding as a newspaper for the youth by no means is reflected in its content. Far from raising the concerns of youth such as education and employment, it routinely publishes sensational thrash so as to attract the sensibilities of the lumpen elements within the youth. The ongoing process of lumpenization on Bengal facilitated by both the TMC and the RSS-BJP is providing this shameless newspaper lot of space to increase its readership. The manner in which is has covered the ongoing movement in Jadavpur yet again confirms this fact. Socialist India believes that a campaign must be launched in Bengal to boycott this utterly nonsense publication that doesn’t deserves to be called a newspaper. Khabar 365 Din and all such publications should be sent where they rightfully belong- in the dustbins!

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