SFI leader hacked to death in Kerala by murderer gang of Islamist PFI-CFI

Abhimanyu, member of the Idukki district committee of the Students’ Federation of India and a second-year undergraduate student of B.Sc. Environmental Chemistry in Ernakulam Maharaja’s college has been hacked to death by the murderer gang of Islamist Campus Front of India (CFI) – Popular Front of India (PFI). Abhimanyu succumbed to injuries immediately after he was brought to the nearby Government General Hospital.

Another SFI activist, Arjun (19), an undergraduate student of Philosophy also sustained serious stab injuries in the clash. He has been admitted to the Ernakulam Medical Trust Hospital and his condition too remains critical.

Police have already nabbed 3 persons involved in the murder and the hunt is on to nab the other members of the gang. Mainstream media has been attempting to portray the incident as a ‘result of campus clash between student groups with different political ideologies.’ However, nothing can farther from the truth. One of the members in murderer gang is a 37 year old worker of PFI. This is not a clash between students inside a campus, but a planned murder executed by the PFI-CFI workers, who entered the campus from outside at mid night with deadly weapons.

In fact, reducing the murderous politics of PFI-CFI to a ‘campus clash’ not only serves the interests of the Islamist forces, but also the ruling class’ push to curb the student politics in the state. In October last year, the Kerala High Court passed an interim order banning politics and protests on college campuses. It had also warned that college authorities have the right to expel students found trying to disrupt the “academic atmosphere” at an institute with any kind of agitation. We have witnessed perfect synchronism between all forces of fundamentalism, when it comes to assailing the student politics in the state- the Hindutva forces, the Islamist forces and the market fundamentalists. Young and brave lives like that of Abhimanyu are the biggest blockades in the plans of the ruling classes and hence they don’t even shy from physically eliminating them.

The Kerala state committee of SFI has called for a 24-hours statewide strike against this dastardly murder. The Central Executive Committee of SFI too has called upon all its units to organize protest actions across the country.




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