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Big Victory for SFI, AIDWA, and other Women Orgs. Tax on Sanitary Pads Revoked.

After months of protest and agitation all across the country the Government is finally forced to revoke the atrocious tax on sanitary napkins. The movement against the decision to impose tax on sanitary napkins was started by a group of Delhi University students associated with the Students’ Federation of India. The students, along with women affiliated to All India Democratic

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India needs modern, clean, safe and fast rail system for the masses; and not bullet train for the elites: Metro Man

Retired Indian Engineering Service (IES) officer, E Sreedharan , who is popularly known as ‘Metro Man’s for the leadership that he provided to the construction of Delhi Metro has bluntly castigated Modi government’s obsession with the bullet trains. Sreedharan was the managing director of Delhi Metro from 1995 to 2012 and it was under his leadership that basic structure of

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Pinarayi Vijayan becomes first Indian CM to be felicited by IHV Baltimore. LDF government to set up dedicated virology institute.

Institute of Human Virology (IHV), Baltimore honoured Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for the exemplary work done by the LDF government of Kerala in effectively containing the spread of Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala. Dr Robert C Gallo, co-founder of the Institute and famous virologist, who co-discovered HIV and developed Elisa test kit, presented a memento to the Chief Minister

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Chit-fund run Khabar 365 Din’s shameful attempts to malign Jadavpur student movement.

Khabar 365 Din, a Bangla Daily run with money siphoned off by Rose Valley company through chit funds, has done a shameful front page story today with a clear intention to malign the ongoing student movement and more so over, the women students of Jadavpur University. The story titled ‘Fashion circus’ is accompanied with pictures of women protesters- all of

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Huge Response to Jharkhand Bandh against Amendments in the Land Acquisition Act by the BJP government

Jharkhand Bandh called by the opposition parties today, against the amendments in the Land Acquisition Act (2013) brought by the BJP government of the state and against its designs to disrupt the peace in the state has invoked huge response. Schools, colleges and markets remained closed; while long distance buses and trains have been affected in many districts. Hundreds of

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LDF Government of Kerala to be felicited by Institute of Human Virology for Containing NIPAH Virus

Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore will be organizing a reception on 6th July to felicitate Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister KK Shyalaja, in recognition of the steps taken by the LDF government in containing the dreaded NIPAH Virus from spreading, which took 17 lives in May earlier this year. The efforts of the state government have earned

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