DMRC uses Court to Stop the Workers from going on Strike

Delhi High Court has issued a restraint order today evening prohibiting the unions and the staff council of the DMRC non-executive staff from going on strike on 30th June or till further notice in the issue.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) moved a petition in the Delhi High Court today, which was listed in the bench of Justice Vipan Sanghi on account of the urgent mentioning made in front of the Acting Chief Justice. This petition seeked to assail the strike notices dated 14.06.18 (issued by DMRC Employees Union), 18.06.18 (issued by the DMRC Employees Union) and 20.06.18 (issued by the staff council).

The High Court has issued the order by accepting DMRC’s argument that 25 lakh people of Delhi are dependent on the public utility service run by it and hence the strike action will impact the entire city.

High Court in its order has said that the strike action is neither justified nor legal since sufficient notice hasn’t been given to DMRC and also that the process of conciliation is underway.


Socialist India had earlier reported the conditions which have forced the 9000-odd non-executive staff of DMRC to go for strike on 30th June. We also outlined how DMRC is using the twin tactics of conciliation and intimidation to dilute the very important issues raised by the workers. It has now used the court to stop the workers from taking their struggle to the higher level.


What is particularly perplexing is that while the court has made the order by accepting the argument that Delhi metro is a public utility; however, it has refused to intervene in case of numerous petitions which questioned the fare hikes that exclude vast majority of Delhi’s population from availing this public utility. We have also seen when court has been used the factory owners of Delhi to delay the implementation of the increased minimum wages.

The left forces have always maintained that judiciary is an integral part of the state machinery and this entire episode has yet again reaffirmed this fact. Socialist India, none the less, is confident that the workers of Delhi Metro will continue their fight undeterred and will carry on the struggle in newer forms.


The Court Order can be read here:


Court Order of the Delhi High Court prohibiting the Unions and the staff council of DMRC non-executive staff from going on strike

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