Goons of Barbaric Mamta Burn Alive CPI(M) Activists

TMC goons have burned alive comrade Debu Das and his wife comrade Usharani Das in Kakdwip’s Budhkhali Gram Panchayat. The manner in which this horrific act was executed will bring even the barbarians to shame. The couple, which was sleeping in its hut, was charred to death in the darkness of the night and in the morning what were left were only their black, coal-turned bodies.


Just two days ago comrade Hafizul Mollah was shot in the head and killed while participating in an election rally in Bhangar of South 24 Parganas. The wife and husband were sleeping in their hut after spending the entire day mobilizing voters and ensuring that they are able to cast their votes. This courage at the face of brutal terror is what infuriated the barbarians to such an extent that they were killed in the most inhuman manner.

The incident of yesterday night only shows the desperation of the ruling Party in West Bengal to gain complete control in the Panchayat election and far from being a pointer to hegemonic control, the barbarity of the violence only proves the ground slipping beneath the TMC. It needs to be noted that violence was reported from across the state yesterday in the single phase panchayat elections. Major incidents were reported from North 24 Parganas, Burdwan, Coochbehar and South 24 Parganas districts. The elections for the three tier local body elections in rural Bengal are being conducted today and the counting will take place on 17 May.

If, even after all this, there are people who are able to remain silent; If there are people who have the guts to argue that Mamta Banerjee can take on the fascist BJP; If there are people who peddle the purported crimes during the 34 years regime of Left Front as a counter to TMC’s violence– then, they should just smell their hands- they would smell the stench of burnt human flesh!

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