TMC Does It Again! : Attack on the election rally of an independent candidate in Bhangar kills one

The orchestrated violence by TMC in the panchayat polls of West Bengal has taken one more life. In an attack on the election rally of an independent candidate in the Bhangar of South 24 Parganas today late afternoon, bombs were hurled and many rounds were fired. The attack has taken the life of one person, who has been identified as Hafizul Mollah.




Arabul Islam- the gang lord of the lumpens in this area who is notorious for organizing attacks on the opposition is said to be behind this attack as well. It needs to be underlined here that independent candidates in Bhangar were able to file their nomination papers only after the Calcutta High Court had directed the poll panel to accept the nominations of 11 candidates who had sought the court’s intervention after being prevented from filing their nominations. Nine out of these eleven candidates belong to the Save Land, Livelihood, Home and Environment Committee, a local group opposing the establishment of a power substation for which land was sought to be forcibly acquired.  The nine candidates had no option left but to send their nominations through WhatsApp as the goons belonging to the ruling party attacked them and prevented them from physically filing nomination for the Polerhat II gram panchayat under Bhangar II block.

Bhangar has been witness to notorious attacks by the ‘Arabul Bahini’ on the movement against the forcible land acquisition in the last year and half. The movement against the high voltage power grid in Bhangar eventually turned against large scale land loot in the area. Land mafia, under the leadership of TMC has practically snatched hundreds of acres of land for realty and other purposes. The same mafia gangs were active in ‘acquiring’ land for power grid without fair compensation. The anger burst into protest and was tackled by the state administration by unleashing police atrocities. Two persons were killed in police firing and many were arrested. Repeated attempts by the ruling party to forcefully capture the villages were heroically resisted. But police has arrested more than 20 villagers. Four of them were charged with UAPA- among  them were CPI (ML) Red Star leader Sharmistha Chowdhury and CPI (M) activist Abul Hossain. (Sharmistha is now out on bail and was instrumental in ensuring the nomination of 9 independent candidates).The panchayat polls are an extension of the brave resistance which the people of the area have been waging since last year and half.

The latest attack has yet again made it amply clear- TMC is hell bent on destroying every bit of democratic structure. TMC is proving that it can compete with BJP when it comes to destroying the democracy. However, one more thing is clear- the people of Bengal are not going to take this march of lumpens lying down!

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