Rumours ,Canards and utter lies about CPI (M)-BJP ties in West Bengal can’t hide the unholy Didi-Modi alliance: Team SI

Many bourgeois media outlets have been spreading the utter lie that the CPI (M) and BJP have formed some sort of ‘ground level understanding’ in West Bengal to take on the violent tactics of the TMC in the panchayat elections. Reports have appeared in many places which are hinting at tacit understanding between the two parties based on the developments in Nadia district.

It is interesting to note that these reports appeared first in Khabar 365 Din, a bangla daily news paper funded by Rose Valley Chit Fund and controlled by the ruling party TMC. It is infamous not only for fake and doctored news but also for distorted news as well. It is from here that other media outlets like HT, India Today and wire took the news.


What has really happened? The HT report quotes the CPI (M) district secretary of the Nadia district saying that there ‘have been ground level seat adjustments between the two parties’. Comrade Sumit Dey, Secretary, Nadia District Secretary of CPI (M) has today clarified the position of the Party quite clearly and lucidly. We at the SI are reproducing his entire statement given the kind of confusion which the bourgeois media and the parties like TMC and BJP are trying by twisting his statement:
“”What is being witnessed in the Panchayat poll of 2018 in West Bengal is a brazen, unprecedented and outright attack on democracy and democratic rights with the pre-election rigging directed mainly against the CPI (M) and the Left Front. The ruling TMC is in hand and glove with the BJP for mutual advantage. While ostensibly criticizing the BJP, the TMC is adopting such postures which facilitate communal polarization. Thereby it seeks to marginalize the Left. The threat to democratic and secular foundation has become increasingly menacing with the fascistic RSS-led BJP’s running the country for four years.

News of adjustment in this poll between the CPI (M) and BJP in Nadia is totally false and misleading. We have no connections with those independents that have entered into adjustment with the BJP which is also spreading canards against our party.”

TMC is trying to use the confusion created by these motivated reports to suggest that it is the only genuine anti-BJP force in Bengal. However, the reality is in front of everyone to see. Its ambitions of projecting its leader Mamta Banerjee as the leader of the anti-BJP secular front at the national level have already been deflated given its fascistic abilities in destroying the even basic resemblances of the bourgeois democracy.


The amount of terror is reflected clearly in the number of uncontested seats won by the TMC. In zilla parishad, 203 seats have been rendered ‘uncontested’ out of a total 625. In Birbhum, TMC captured all 42 seats without contest. In Murshidabad, TMC ‘won’ in 48 seats without contest out of 70. In Bankura, TMC ‘won’ in 31 out of 46 seats. In South 24 Parganas they ‘won’ 28 out of 81 seats. In panchayat samiti level, TMC ‘won’ 3,059 out of 9,217. In gram panchayat level, out of 48,650 seats, the ruling party ‘won’ uncontested in 16,814. In zilla parishad, 25 per cent seats were rendered uncontested, in panchayat samiti, it is 33 per cent and in village level, it is 35 per cent. On an average 34 per cent of seats in the three tiers have been ‘won’ by the ruling party without contest.

Interestingly, up to nomination submission period, the number was 27 per cent. It increased 7 per cent more at the withdrawal period, clearly indicating that opposition candidates were forced to withdraw from contest.


Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary of CPI (M) speaking on these developments has said: “Utter lies and rumours spread by TMC to distract from the violence it has unleashed on the Left Front cadres. We categorically deny any such understanding and remain opposed to both the BJP and TMC. The TMC must answer why the CBI is going slow on Narada, Sarada and Rose valley scams unless there is an underhand deal with BJP. All drama. BJP and TMC are two sides of the same coin.”

CPI (M) State Secretary  Surjya Kanta Mishra too has very clearly stated that “TMC and BJP are the two side of same coin. They are exercising competitive communalism to dismantle the long legacy of communal harmony in West Bengal. Our fight is against both of them. Our slogan: Oust TMC save Bengal, Oust BJP save India.”


None of these manufactured stories can hide the Didi-Modi bonhomie in West Bengal which is today destroying the state of West Bengal. We saw just a few months ago how the competitive communalism was practiced by both TMC and BJP in a perfect synchronization to push the Bengal society towards utter lawlessness and communal polarization. The brave fighters of red flag in the state will not be undeterred by these tactics and will continue to fight the twin evils.


Note: Updates have been made to include the statement of CPI (M)’s state secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra and also the role played by the bangla daily ‘Khabar 365 din’ in the whole episode.

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