Bloodbath is the lifeline of Fascist RSS; yet another comrade martyred in Kerala, India | Socialist India

Terrorists belonging to the largest Fascist organisation in India – the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) brutally attacked and killed Communist Party activist and local leader Comrade Babu Kannipoyil at around 10 pm on Monday (7th May, 2018) in Thalaserry, Kannur district, Kerala. The terrorists, armed with sharp weapons attacked Comrade Babu near his neck area, and various other body parts. As can be seen in the image, the attempt was to chop his head off.


Comrade Babu is the latest name among a long list of martyrs killed by RSS in the southern state. Over 42 activists of the CPIM have been murdered since 200 making the party the largest in terms of activists killed. The aim of the RSS behind these attacks on comrades is to strike terror in the hearts of communist party members and its supporters. Due to the complete rejection of communal hate mongering by the people of Kerala, the RSS and its political arm – the BJP is reduced to a party with token participation. This is extremely frustrating for the Fascists as their party has managed to win the General Elections in the country 4 years ago, but have miserably failed to pollute the minds of Keralites.


Comrade Babu was a popular activist of the CPI (M) in his locality, and was a former Councillor. The Local Unit of the party has called for a dawn-to-dusk hartal (strike) in Kannur District and Mahe on 08th May 2018 protesting against the cruel murder. CPIM Kannur District secretariat in a statement condemned the murder and stated that ‘this act of brutality has once again shown that RSS doesn’t want peace in Kannur district.’ It may be noted that the murder happened after the RSS weapons training camp at Thokkilangadi, Koothuparamba, Kannur. The secretariat demanded immediate arrest of the culprits.

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