My country bleeds and so does my canvas – painting by Anirban Chakraborty

At ‘Socialist India’ portal we will have a section on art too. It will include paintings, illustrations and various audio-video mediums that carry forward the message of people’s resistance. We begin this section with a painting by Anirban Chakraborty.

anirban - Bengal

Anirban has this to say about his work: “My country bleeds and so does my canvas. These are dark times and like always, it needs to be confronted through every possible means and every possible path. Art has always been political and this too is not an exception. It portrays the age of darkness, blood and hatred. It is the story of the art and conflict”.


 What are the ‘dark times’ that Anirban is referring to?

In the state of West Bengal we are witnessing an all out attack on the very institution of bourgeois democracy. THE three-tier panchayat elections in West Bengal is becoming a farcical exercise due to the unprecedented and shameful attack by the ruling Trinamul Congress to throttle the democratic process at the outset itself.  One has heard of rigging elections by capturing booths, but this is the first time the elections are sought to be rigged by capturing the administrative offices where nominations are filed. TMC has been exposed today- It is nothing but a Party of the lumpens. The attempts to project Mamta Banerjee as the leader of national level anti-BJP federal front too has fallen on front. The struggle for democracy in West Bengal is directly related to the struggle of left at the national level against the twin attack of aggressive neoliberal economic assault and the brazen fascistic agenda of RSS-BJP. Left will advance at the national level, if the left in West Bengal advances. ‘Socialist India’ salutes the thousands of brave fighters of the red flag who are carrying forward this battle by giving the sacrifice of their blood, limb and life.



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