MARX@200 Celebrated Across India

-Team SI

People across the globe today remembered the man who was born on this very day 200 years ago. He lived for just 65 years. However, in these 65 years of extraordinary life- he changed the course of human history. The man that we are talking about is Marx. Karl Marx. He provided a theoretical model which explained the evolution of human society from one form to another through the changes in the mode of production. He laid bare the workings of capitalist system, explained the roots of exploitation. But, more than anything, theory for Marx was a call for action- an action to change the society. It is this very fact that Marx remains a symbol of hate for oppressors around the world. It is this very fact that Marx is the hero of oppressed around the world. In India too Marx’s 200th birth anniversary was celebrated in various places. Such series of public meetings, cultural programmes and publications will be organized over the next year to popularize the ideas of Marx. Here, at Socialist India we present to you, a summary of such programmes at various places.


In west Bengal the 200th Birth Anniversary of Marx was celebrated extensively. In Kolkata  in the central ceremony  Marx’s statue  in  Red Road area  was garlanded by the Left leaders including  Left Front Chairman Biman Basu,  , CPI State Secretary  Swapan Banerjee , CPI(ML ) liberation  leader Partha Ghosh, RSP Secretary Manoj Bhattacharya amongst others.

At the call of the  CPI(M) West Bengal State committee today  more than 25000 Study circles were held  throughout the state , and all the Party branches in the state  conducted intra branch study circles, in which the current political situation was discusses in the light of  Marxism.

Blood donation camps, seminars and symposiums were also held in many places. In Malda town, Durgapur, Barasat at the call of IPTA a cultural rendition of the progressive songs were also held. In Siliguri too, rallies were taken out and cultural programmes were held by the IPTA artistes to commemorate the anniversary.

(Source: Ganashakti)



The All India Centre of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) organized a public meeting on the occasion in its headquarters, the BT Ranadive Bhawan in New Delhi. Hemlata, national president of CITU presided the public meeting while Surajit Mazumdar, Professor, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning (CESP), JNU was the main speaker. He lucidly explained the insights brought by lifelong work of Marx in explaining the working of Capitalism and also how the present realities can be explained in the light of this. Swadesh Deb Roy (National Secretary, CITU) and M.L. Malkotia (National Treasurer, CITU) were also present on the occasion.



(Prakash Karat, Polit Bureau Member of Communist Party of India (Marxist) inaugurated the national seminar on the topic ‘Contemporary relevance of Karl Marx’ in Ernakulam (Kerala))



(Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) speaking at the seminar organized by Marx Memorial Library, London as part of the celebrations of 200 anniversary of Karl Marx. )


Activists of Revolutionary Youth Association (RYA) and All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU) distributing leaflets in Chennai.


Activists of ML-Liberation in Andhra Pradesh


(ML Activists marching in Muzaffarpur, Bihar)


(Activists of Students’ Federation of India – SFI holding a remembrance meet in Tripura)

Twitter was too not spared by the spectre of Marx. #Karl Marx trended on twitter globally all day. This shows the relevance of Marxism and the power that it hold in the hearts of the struggling masses of the world.



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